What name do you hear?

It's finally time for another controversy that is sweeping the social media world. Remember the last one with that dress. Some people saw a blue dress and some saw a gold one. Well this is just like that but this time it involves a computer generated voice saying either "Laurel" or "Yanny".

Jess and I decided that we wanted to get in on this and the craziest part is that we both hear something totally different. What do you hear?

According to Buzzfeed, a fashion designer named Cloe Feldman tweeted out the video back on Monday and since then people are going crazy.

Buzzfeed did a poll asking what we all hear and 50% of people said they heard Yanny, 36% heard Laurel and 13% could hear both.

I have listened to it 500 times and the only thing I hear is Laurel. What do you hear? Let us know on Facebook and be listening Thursday morning for the results of our poll.

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