It's hard enough to get from place to place now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted and there are a lot more people out on the roads.

Now add in some mid-day construction on I-84 and you have one heck of a mess.

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So get ready for local delays from Southeast to Fishkill in both directions on I-84 starting this week as some bridge maintenance work begins. The New York State Department of Transportation is advising motorists to look for single lane closures both east and westbound on I-84 between route 52 in East Fishkill and Route 312 in Southeast.

The road work will be starting today (June 14) and continue until Friday June 25, weather permitting and will be happening between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM.

There is also road construction and road closures planned in Putnam County for the north and southbound lanes of the Taconic State Parkway ramps to and from Exit 23 (Bryant Pond Road)., to accommodate paving work, weather permitting.

  • The northbound ramps will be closed on Tuesday, June 15 between 7 PM and 5 AM
  • The southbound ramps will be closed on Wednesday, June 16 between 7 PM and 5 AM

According to, motorists should anticipate delays and plan accordingly.

The New York State Department of Transportation reminds drivers that if you are approaching construction, move over a lane, if safely possible, or slow down significantly whenever encountering roadside vehicles displaying red, white, blue, amber or green lights, including maintenance and construction vehicles in work zones.

Motorists are also urged to slow down and drive responsibly in work zones. Fines are doubled for speeding in a work zone.  Convictions of two or more speeding violations in a work zone could result in the suspension of an individual’s driver license.

If you need more information on this or any other local road construction happening in the area, you can get up-to-date travel information by calling 511 or visit or download the free 511NY mobile app.

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