What would you do if this was you?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we try to give you guys a place to come for some free therapy or advice. We get emails from folks all the time asking us for help with something or advice with a problem they are going through and we pick one a week to try and help out.

This week's email comes from a woman who found something interesting. Here is what she wrote to us...

"I have been dating this guy for a few years now, and we recently moved in together. While I was cleaning this weekend, I found a box filled with $20 bills under our bed. He's a plumber, so I thought it was a little weird. I know it’s wrong, but I started poking around the house and found more hidden money. I found cash hidden in a box of oatmeal in the kitchen cabinet, money inside a paint can in the garage and more money inside a frozen waffle box in the freezer. I did some investigating and he has never been in trouble with the law. I’m not sure why he has all this money around the house, and I’m not sure if I should be worried or not. I’ve never met someone with money like this. I asked him about it, and all he said was “I don’t trust banks” and wouldn’t talk about it anymore.

"Should I be worried he has all this cash around the house? I must admit, I do find it somewhat sexy he has this mysterious, dark side."

Is this a red flag? Does she have anything to worry about? One thing I hope is that the money he was stashing around the house wasn't him trying to save up for an engagement ring or something like that because now the surprise is ruined.

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