One of the Hudson Valley's best Mexican restaurants in Kingston has reportedly closed.

After living in Kingston for many years, one thing I remember is that Kingston is home to some great restaurants!! One restaurant I remember specifically was the Armadillo. If you like Mexican food and great margaritas, Thursday at the Armadillo was THE PLACE TO BE!

Armadillo in Kingston, New York

If you live in and around the Kingston area and spend any time going out to dinner or drinks, at one time or another you probably found yourself at the Armadillo on the historic Roundout in Kingston.

Since the early 1980s, the Armadillo located at 97 Abeel Street, Kingston has provided guests with some of the Hudson Valley's best contemporary Mexican cuisine. They are one of the Kingston restaurants that lead the way to reimagining the Roundout District according to their website.

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Has Armadillo Closed?

While scrolling on Facebook earlier this week I came across numerous posts from friends that all said the same thing, "Armadillo has closed"! Not sure whether or not to believe the posts,(I've been burned before...LOL) I decided to make a few calls and see if I could find any information.

My first stop was their website, (which was still working), to get a phone number to see if I could talk to someone. After calling for the last few days at random times during business hours that Google says their open and leaving numerous messages I think it's safe to say that the restaurant has closed.

It's unclear if the closing is temporary or for good but if and when we do hear back from the management team we will update this article.

Sad to See it Close

Fans of the Armadillo shared how sad they were to see the restaurant close on Facebook with many sharing fond memories of good times at the restaurant. One post said, "Wow, how sad. The end of an era. It was my go-to spot for so many years, Margarita Thursdays were a must back in the day!" I couldn't agree more, Thursdays at Armadillo were a must back in the day! Fingers crossed that they reopen sometime soon.

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