Why do so many drivers have a hard time following this rule of the road?

If you spend anytime driving on any of the numerous highways across the country the odds say that at one time or another you've witnessed another driver breaking the law by not following a simple rule of the road.

Keep Right Except to Pass
Pennsylvania DOT

Keep Right Except to Pass

The folks at the New York State Thruway Authority shared a friendly reminder of a traffic law that many drivers across New York break on a daily basis. The "Keep Right Except to Pass" reminder was courtesy of neighboring Pennsylvania and its Department of Transportation. As you can see in the picture above, it is a simple rule that all drivers are required to follow while driving on roads with more than two lanes.

The post was simple, saying,

"🚗 Drive right, pass left! 🚗 Please drive in the right lane unless you have a reason to be in the left lane. This helps keep traffic flowing."


Keep Right Except to Pass in New York
NYS Thruway Authority/TSM/Canva

Does New York Have a Keep Right Law?

Yes, just like other states New York's keep-right law requires motorists, including truckers, to keep right and to only use the left lane when they are passing another vehicle, making a left-hand turn, or exiting a highway on the left. The "Keep Right" law is in place to prevent traffic congestion and reduce the risk of serious truck accidents according to the law offices of Jay S. Knispel.

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Yes the law exists, but how many drivers actually follow it while they are driving on a highway???? It never fails almost every time I travel on the NYS Thruway or the Taconic there is always that one vehicle that stays in the left lane for what feels like forever. I know I'm not alone because soon after the Thruway Authority posted the reminder many left comments echoing that many drivers don't follow the law.

Many took issue with big rig trucks driving in the left lane leaving comments like, "18-wheelers should listen. He's doing 65 ok I'll do 66 to pass him", and "Tell that to the semis who block the left lane continuously."


Is the Law Ever Enforced?

Lots of drivers also commented on the law not being enforced along the thruway saying, "ENFORCE it then ! I’m SO sick of miles of cars in left lane all spread out, lined up with left lane traffic", and "Enforcement is necessary!" Drivers also asked for more signage along roads to inform drivers that they need to keep right except to pass. I do think signs explaining the law are scattered across highways but more might help with the issue.

One comment summed up the conversation nicely saying

"It’s really this simple: Once you're done passing get into the right lane so others can pass you. Most drivers will be chill with this idea."

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