Kane Brown and pop star Khalid teased prior to the 2019 ACM Awards (Apr. 7) that they have new music in the works together.

Fans will be delighted to know that this will not be the last we've seen of them together. "It's just the beginning," Khalid confirmed to  People.

The pair performed their collaboration "Saturday Nights" at the awards show in Las Vegas. After their rehearsal, Khalid spoke of how much he's enjoyed working with Brown, and how accepting the country music world has been to him.

"It's an honor to be here. Kane Brown, he's so dope, and his voice is amazing," Khalid says. "I'm just so happy he hopped on the remix."

Khalid added that not too many artists get a chance to cross over into other genres in this manner, and he's having a great experience in the country realm so far. "It's super awesome and everybody's been extremely nice to me," he confirms. "I'm really so stoked."

Brown explains how they initially met. "We met at the AMAs [American Music Awards]. We got numbers and he wanted me to be on one of his songs—and I ain't gonna turn Khalid down," Brown jokes.

"When I wrote 'Saturday Nights' I actually wrote it as a country song, right? And so before it came out I was like 'I know for a fact that I'm putting him on the remix,'" Khalid says.

"I don't know, it just felt like my type of song. Our voices are so similar, so it was just a good collab," Brown agrees.

The remixed version of "Saturday Nights" stems from a track featured on Khalid's  EP Suncity, and has proven itself that it lends well to a cross-genre platform.

Brown is no stranger to working outside of the country genre. In fact, he puts non-country covers specifically in his shows to make sure everyone is feeling good: "I really do that for the people who don't listen to country music or maybe this is their first country concert," he tells Taste of Country in a recent interview.

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