I talked about this a few weeks ago and how much I love it but for awhile now, it has been hard to find....until now.

Stewart's Shops has the creamer in some locations, so if you are unsure, give it a try there first so you won't waste the $3.89 in stores.  Dunkin' has the Peeps coffee and I haven't had the chance to try that but from what I'm hearing, it's a flavored coffee and a syrup used for flavoring.

That's where the creamer from International Delight is different.  It has way more than enough sugar that you won't have to add any and it's not overbearing like a syrup would be.

Tops is where I found it the last time but I don't know if they still have it.  Weis had plenty and Wal-Mart is said to have it, yet they never do that I've seen.

If you like Marshmallow Peeps, then try the creamer or coffee or maybe give it as an Easter gift because it won't last long.

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