Is this really weird though? I've been wracking my brain all morning.

Recently, I don't even know how it happened, but I started watching back cracking videos. Professional chiropractors doing back and neck adjustments.  I'm not a big fan of gross bone-breaking videos or blood and surgery shows, but I found myself glued to my phone last night watching these doctors bring sweet relief to people in pain.

Does anyone else get extreme satisfaction by watching gross videos?

We got a ton of text messages, that made me feel less weird this morning. For instance, a listener out in Ulster County said "The chiropractor ones make me a little uneasy however, I LOVE Dr. Pimple Popper and any pimple videos."

Paintball Nick checked in and said "I’m addicted to those videos, especially the Y-strap videos. She’s not weird, I Got your back Jess (pun intended)."

Y-strap videos are basically neck adjustment videos and now searching for videos to watch later.

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