We're kicking off your week the right way and getting you ready for the fourth annual Taste of Country Music Festival. One way to prepare? Making delicious drinks that will most definitely play a part at TOC.

As you're aware Tommy from Bayou Rum is my new best friend. He came by The Wolf Studio and introduced us to, the official rum of the Taste of Country Music Festival, Bayou Rum. Not only did he open my taste buds to a new rum to obsess over, he gave us recipes on how to take Bayou Rum and make even more delicious.

Check out Tommy's recipe for the Bayou Sazerac Cocktail.

We've got four days left until the Taste of Country Music Festival. 96 hours. And a whole bunch of minutes that I'm not prepared to do the math for, so here's the question.

Are you ready?

We also have one more drink recipe on the way. I'll say this...a storm is a brewin'.

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