We've had this conversation over and over again. CJ keeps shooting down my, and some listeners, suggestions that the name of the show should be updated. If you listen then you'll know the morning show is called "The CJ in The Morning Show" and sometimes the liner says "with CJ and Jess." Sometimes.Why can't we make it "CJ and Jess in The Morning" ?

So, CJ had to take care of some things at the house we rented this weekend and I was all alone to interview Colton and Zach Swon of The Swon Brothers. The boys are super fun to interview and go with the flow. Check out our Faceswaping video, you'll get what I'm talking about. With that being said, I might have told them a little white lie to pull off this prank on CJ.

Watch how The Swon Brothers help me change the name of the "CJ in The Morning Show" :

Of course, it's all in good fun. I wouldn't want it to be "Jess in The Morning," but "CJ and Jess in The Morning" has a nice ring to it. Right, CJ?


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