Another week down, means another Frolic Friday in the books.

CJ has been out on vacation all week, which means I have to frolic alone. Which is fine. Really. In the past we've frolicked for freedom, for rain, for fathers and mothers, but today I'm frolicking for Sam Hunt. And before you start calling me a weird obsessed fan, hear me out.

We all know Sam Hunt burned me at the Taste of Country Music Festival this year when he cancelled because he was sick. I'm still torn up about it. This weekend I'm hoping he is in good health, because I'm going to his show in Boston with all of my college friends. So today, my frolic is to the Sam Hunt gods of health that bless him with healthy vocal chords so I can finally see him perform.

Please, if you have some time today, send your positive Sam Hunt vibes my way.

Don't worry, I'll have a full recap either way on Monday morning.

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