I think I'm being "catfished." Scratch that. I know I'm being "catfished."

At some point last week I had a notification on my phone that I had a new follower on Instagram. I was pumped, always excited for a new follower. I had to do a double take. Because I could of sworn that the notification read "SamHuntOfficial started following you."


That's like a running dream of mine. Sam Hunt and I being friends on social media. I actually dream about it.

How they knew I was a Sam Hunt fan is beyond me, but I had to do some research to confirm if this was the real Sam Hunt or not. It seemed to be a fake account, obviously. Because Sam already has an officially account. Fine. I accept it.

However. Sam Hunt's drummer (Joshua Sales) liked the picture! Again I say... SAY WHAT? That's one degree of separation between me and my future husband.

This is where things start to get Catfishy. Yesterday, SamHuntOfficial messaged me.

IG Message1

I have to play along now. This is too easy:

IG Message.

No word back from "Sam Hunt Official" yet. He might have caught on to my sarcastic response. But just in-case, what should I say next?! Or should I make a video application for the show Catfish and maybe they'll actually put me in contact with the real Sam Hunt?

Head on over to Facebook and let me know what my next step should be. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I'll be here swooning:



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