I am tapped out of ideas here and need some help.


If you've been paying attention the past couple weeks, you will know that I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment. I'm super excited and also exhausted due to packing and worrying about how I'll pay rent every month.

Anyway...While at my new place yesterday (I was mopping the floors, probably the most adult thing I've done in a while) and parked in one of the available spots in the parking lot. That spot happened to be directly under a pine tree. Said pine tree was in some type of mood, because it sapped all over my car! It's not just on the windows either, it's on the paint which makes me nervous.

My new-ish car was a sticky mess. I thought spraying it with the hose and some dish soap would do the trick. It didn't. So then I headed to the car was and spent a little extra cash for the fancy wash thinking that would most definitely clear the sap. $15 later and there's still sap on my car.

I know we have a bunch of car enthusiests listening so I'm looking for your advice. How the heck do I get sap off my car without taking the paint off.

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