The brother of Jeffrey Epstein is reportedly laying low in the Hudson Valley.

In 2019 Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on sex trafficking charges and later died in his prison cell. The convicted sex offender and American socialite had ties to many famous and influential people, including politicians like Donald Trump and the Clintons. Because of the nature of his crimes and his connections to powerful people, there have been many conspiracy theories surrounding his death.

The world's intense interest in Jeffrey Epstein's story has apparently caused his brother, Mark Epstein, to shy away from the spotlight and retreat to the Hudson Valley. According to Artnet News, Epstein is currently "hiding out in the Hudson River city of Newburgh." The real estate mogul famously owns several properties in Newburgh. In 2019 the Daily Mail reported that Epstein owned three homes in the city that were in various stages of disrepair. The brother of Jeffrey Epstein appeared in front of Newburgh's Architectural Review Committee in 2016 to petition for changes to the windows on one of his properties at 120 Johnston Street.

Mark Epstein's real estate company, Ossa Properties, was the subject of scrutiny during Jeffrey Epstein's criminal investigation. Reports tied one of the properties in Manhattan to the illegal trafficking charges, claiming that Jeffrey Epstein used the apartment to house girlfriends, associates, employees, and businesses over long periods of time. Mark Epstein has denied any involvement in his brother's illegal activity.

With real estate holdings all over the world, why would Epstein be hiding out in Newburgh of all places? Well, the younger brother of Jeffrey Epstein has long been involved in the art world. He attended the prestigious Cooper Union in New York and later became chairman of the board for the Manhattan art school. Currently, Newburgh is enjoying an art renaissance with many underground artists flocking to the upcoming Hudson Valley city to open galleries and installations.

Later this month, an abandoned Newburgh property will be transformed into a living art installation, with wild plants and trees hooked to sensors that will allow visitors to set off an orchestration of sounds by walking through the vegetation in the roofless building. Artnet News says they have "no word on whether (Epstein) plans to participate in the city's burgeoning art scene," but said he has been spotted around town recently.

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