It has been one long week here in America. Lots of things will be different when we wake up from this weekend compared to last Monday. Fortunately, we won't have to live through another Las Vegas, I hope! So, Jason Aldean appeared on SNL and spoke to the tragedy in Las Vegas and sung a song that both speaks to the American Spirit and pays tribute to a Rock n Roll legend Tom Petty who passed away this week. You may recall Jason played Taste of Country Music Festival 2017 then Tom Petty played Mountain Jam at Hunter Mountain this past summer. Small weird world, right?

In case you weren't up past your bed time like me here is Jason's statement and his rendition of "Won't Back Down". I can't imagine how hard this week has been for Jason, his family and his fans. There is no reason he was singled out during the festival last weekend. He will carry the events of Las Vegas with him for the rest of his life. Let's remember and never forget that a senseless act was carried out on the country music family and let's pledge to rise above and persevere.

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