Did you see this the last time that you were in Woodstock, NY?

I get excited when I find hidden gems while I'm exploring throughout New York state or traveling elsewhere.

At times, we may not notice the natural beauty that is already around us all throughout the Hudson Valley. There are relaxing waterfalls to see in different Hudson Valley counties.

The Hudson Valley Is Filled With Hidden Gems, Do You Know Any Of Them?


Browns Station Fountain Is An Underrated Fountain In Ulster County, NY

Canva, Ulster County Historical Society
Canva, Ulster County Historical Society

While visiting the Ashokan Reservoir, I came across a hidden fountain nearby. This fountain is located at the Ashokan Reservoir and it's near the DEP station.

Brown's Station Fountain is located in Olivebridge, NY but didn't show up on Google when I researched it. There also isn't a lot of information in regards to Browns Station Fountain but it's important that it's shared to show appreciation for the small town that it is located within and the hidden gem that it remains to be.

Beacon Falls, NY Is A Beautiful Waterfall In The Middle Of Busy Businesses


These beautiful falls caught my attention when I was visiting this Dutchess County, NY town. Guests to visit Melzingah Tap House and the Roundhouse have perfect views of these falls.

Beacon Falls may also be related to the Waterfall at The Roundhouse and even Fishkill Overlook Falls.

Those who research Beacon Falls or Fishkill Overlook Falls may find an address of 529 Main Street in Beacon, NY. Those who enter the Waterfall at The Roundhouse may come up with an address of 2 East Main Street, Beacon, NY.

I have visited Beacon Falls during all four seasons and have captured pictures of the falls throughout each season in the Hudson Valley.

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Have You Visited This Hidden Oasis People Always Miss In Woodstock, NY?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Woodstock, NY is the home to historical sites where celebrities once visited and where the oldest arts and crafts colony remains.

Today, visitors can explore Woodstock, NY's local eateries and shops along with events that take place along Tinker Street.

It's relaxing to stroll along Tinker Street which can also be known as the main street in Woodstock, NY. I came upon a drum circle on my last impromptu visit to Woodstock, NY and it turned out to be a great day.

As I was exploring Woodstock, NY's local shops, I heard a nearby waterfall and instantly became intrigued. This hidden oasis may not be known to visitors but it could be something that Woodstock, NY natives enjoy keeping as a secret.

The Woodstock Waterfall Park is truly a hidden gem that can also be referred to as Woodstock Falls. 

Woodstock Waterfall Park is located a block off of the busy Tinker Street and on Tannery Brook Road. There's a nearby parking lot which makes it convenient to see this hidden gem 

Waterfall lovers can see this view on Tannery Brook Road and another view of it when they continue on Tinker Street which may also be referred to as NY 212. On the left hand side out of Tannery Brook Road, be sure to grab another glimpse of Woodstock Waterfall Park and all of its beauty.

Where's your favorite waterfall to see in the Hudson Valley? Have you ever been to the hidden oasis in Woodstock, NY? Share more with us below.

The Ultimate Day Trip Around Woodstock, NY

This Ulster County area has a wide variety of different things for all ages to explore.

A majestic cornfield, historic theater, cafe and hidden waterfall awaits those who visit Woodstock, NY.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Facebook, Woodstock Land Conservancy, Candlestock, Woodstock Guild

5 Must See Scenic Drives In The Hudson Valley

When was the last time that you took the scenic route or the back road? There's something so peaceful about taking in the views of the beautiful farmland and the smells of fresh grass with the windows down. 

The next time that you're out for a drive, take one of these scenic routes to capture the beauty of the area that we get to call home.


Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

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