You smell them in the grocery store. The fragrance seeming even more aromatic at the times when you find yourself shopping at 5 PM. The same times when you are already hungry, possibly even famished. You are supposed to be seeking out the items that are on your lengthy grocery store list, when the smell is so mouthwatering, you have to stop your shopping and go get one and place it in your cart.

The grocery store rotisserie chicken. Depending on the day of the week, they might even be at a special price. How does the store make them, not only super fragrant and aromatic, but also tasty and delicious. While my original thought was "its Voodoo Magic" I quickly came to the conclusion that it had to be more than that. Here is what I discovered.

What does the grocery store do to make the chickens taste so good?

Roasted chicken
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Ok, here is the research that I discovered on my rotisserie chicken bonanza. Which ones were the driest? Acme. Which ones were consistently tasty and moist? Stop and Shop. I only tried the regular seasoning, not any honey bourbon or smoked. I stuck with the 'regular' versions only. 

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How do they prepare or season the rotisserie chickens?

Whole chicken

The reason that the chickens taste so good comes down to the pre-roasting protocol which includes seasoning and brining. Yes, brining. Soaking the chickens in a salt, sugar water, plus other ingredients (like coriander, pepper corn and additional herbs). The type of oven that they are cooked in also helps. The rotisserie action of the turning of the chickens constantly self-bastes the chicken, that along with the brining, and the fact that none of us had to actually cook and prepare the chicken leads to the fantastic flavor.

Which grocery store makes your favorite rotisserie chicken? Let us know.

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