Despite Spring officially arriving, New York State residents are being told to prepare for a "winter weather event."

Spring officially began just after 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

Artic Air Returns As New York State Enters Spring


Just a few days ago, temps in the Hudson Valley reached near 70 degrees. However, cold air from Canada brought with it colder temperatures and gusty winds.

Parts of New York State and the Hudson Valley even dealt with some scattered flurries and wet snow showers were even in Tuesday's forecast.

Temperatures should reach or get to 50 degrees on Wednesday before "arctic air dives into the Northeast on Thursday," Hudson Valley Weather warns.

Potential Winter Weather For Hudson Valley


Hearing about "arctic air" returning to the region probably doesn't bring you joy. Making matters worse, Hudson Valley Weather dropped this bomb.

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Stating the arctic air "sets the stage for a potential winter weather event for Friday night and Saturday."

Hudson Valley Weather says the full details of the storm are "still very unclear."

"Period Of Wet Snow"

But the Hudson Valley weather experts are calling for a "period of wet snow" that should develop Friday night into Saturday.


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"The main question that needs to be answered, is what happens on Saturday," Hudson Valley Weather stated.

As of this writing, Hudson Valley Weather predicts " a couple of inches of wet snow" before a change to soaking rain.

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