Like a broken faucet, more news continues to flow from the Orange County District Attorney's Office. Late last week Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler announced the sentencing of a Walden man in shooting event which occurred last Summer in Newburgh.

A blurred police car in the background behind yellow crime scene tape.

Lights, Camera, Got'Em

In the official press release from the Orange County District Attorney's Office, the incident apparently occurred on the morning of June 25, 2023. At approximately 5:55 a.m., law enforcement received notification via ShotSpotter of shots fired near the area of Broadway and William Street in the City of Newburgh.

Unsplash: roddymcg: Roddy Mcgillivary
Unsplash: roddymcg: Roddy Mcgillivary

Officers immidiately deployed to the area but upon arrival, no other individuals were present. Officers began investigating and canvassing the area, where officers found shell casings. While continuing the canvassing of the area, also officers also recovered something else with great value.

Unsplash: Tungsten Rising
Unsplash: Tungsten Rising

Members of the City of Newburgh PD were successful in obtaining surveillance video which captured the suspect and another individual on in the area around the time the shooting occured. That suspect was identified as 22-year old, Anthony Scarry of Walden.

Shooting a Gun
Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

From what was described, Scarry could be seen on camera fleeing the scene with a firearm in hand. It was during Scarry's hearing that he admitted to possessing the said firearm and admitted guilt to the crime of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree.

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Sentencing and Response from O.C.D.A

The announcement of the sentencing for Scarry came this passed Friday April 5, 2024. Scarry was officially sentenced to serve seven (7) years in prison for the felony crime of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree. Following those seven years, Scarry then will serve five (5) years in post-release supervision.

Unsplash: tomblackout: Tom Blackout
Unsplash: tomblackout: Tom Blackout

In his response, District Attorney Hoovler had a lot of thanks to give out, starting off with the City of Newburgh Police Department. D. A. Hoovler also thanked the New York State Police, the Village of Walden Police as well as the Orange County Probation Department for assisting in the investigation.


Hoovler also emphasized how...

The unchecked illegal possession and use of guns endangers innocent members of our community...

In addition, he also further emphasized that with his office and with law enforcement that they "...will continue to stand up in the face of such violence" perpetuated by offenders, hold offenders accountable for their actions, and "...taking violent criminals and the tools of their trade off of our streets.”.

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