Recent news has begun to circulate regarding a city of Newburgh restaurant and proposed plans that would completely change what the particular location looks like currently. While the proposed plans come with promise, some citizens have their concerns.

Transforming a Hurricane

In the last week, multiple reports have begun to circulate regarding the Hurricane Grill & Wings restaurant located in the city of Newburgh. According to the reports, the restaurant's ownership is looking to completely and entirely change what the location looks like currently.

Google Maps-Hurricane Grill & Wings-Newburgh
Google Maps-Hurricane Grill & Wings-Newburgh

While Hurricane Grill & Wings is a famous restaurant chain that offers great food, great drinks and an ideal spot to watch your favorite sports or to just enjoy a night out, the proposed plans would see the property transformed into a multi-use building featuring multiple apartments as well as retail space.

According to a report from News 12:Westchester, the proposed plans would create just shy of 5 dozen apartments (58 total) and would have 7,400 square feet of space for retail.

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Citizen Concerns Regarding Proposed Plans

While on paper the transformative plans for the location are grand and hold promise, some citizens have voiced early concerns. Those concerns come not from what the plans would turn the business into but from the actual physical location itself. The restaurant itself is located on Route 17K entering into the city of Newburgh and neighbors in the area have voiced concern over the issue of accessing or parking in the area.


As it currently stands, parking at the location is limited, however it appears the proposed plans have already addressed the issue of access to the establishment. In the proposed plans, which were submitted to the City of Newburgh Zoning Board of Appeals, the transformation plans would also create a total of 96 parking spots. That number would be 27 more than the minimum needed set by the zoning code for the number of apartments and retail space.


One thing that is unclear currently is whether or not the proposed plans have received an official stamp of approval. We made a request for more information regarding the proposed plans but at this time has yet to receive a response.

We will continue to provide updates for this story if or when our request is answered or when new information becomes available.

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