Ever know a person who can sleep through just about anything?

Police say a suspect stole a vehicle from a shopping center, though they apparently didn't check to see if anyone else was in the car before driving off. According to officials, a person was actually asleep in the backseat of the vehicle as it was being taken.

According to Insurance Information Institute, New York state ranked 9th in the nation for overall vehicle thefts in 2022, with 28,292 reported cases. That is a 28% increase from 2021, according to the statistics.

Audi Stolen While Woman Sleeps in Backseat 

NBC says that a suspect stole a 2019 Audi Q7 Saturday night from a shopping center in Oyster Bay. However, Nassau County Police says that a woman was asleep in the back of the vehicle at the time of the theft.

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According to NBC, a 48-year-old woman was sleeping in the backseat, as her husband and a friend had parked in the parking lot near a bakery. It was while the other two men were away that the suspect got into the vehicle and allegedly drove off, says NBC.

Police say the suspect hit the vehicle's brakes, which is what finally woke this deep sleeper up. Once the woman was awake, police say the suspect pulled out a knife and told her to get out. Offcials continue to investigate the incident.

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New York State Man Allegedly Stole Truck to Commit Another Crime

WNYT says that a Whitehall man used an allegedly stolen truck to drive to a garage and allegedly commit another theft. Police said the 39-year-old suspect was seen leaving a garage with stolen items in the pickup truck he had also stolen.

Police say the suspect was arrested and the property was returned to its owners.

The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars In New York State

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