Arby's we have the meats! But where is all that meat? huh

Arby's is a fast food sandwich restaurant chain, that is best known for their slow-roasted roast beef sandwiches, as well as chicken sandwiches, and various wraps. With over 3,300 restaurants across the U.S., Food & Wine once referred to Arby's as "America's second largest sandwich chain", only after Subway.

But even with all those spots, there are still some who say "Who actually eats at Arby’s?" So, to quiet their "skeptics", WSYR is reporting that the the fast food chain is offering free food all month long in April.

Now, if only we could find some Arby's locations in New York state?

Arbys Gives Out Free Food 

WTAJ is reporting that Arby's is giving out free sandwiches as part of a month-long promotion. The franchise announced that Arby’s Reward members will receive digital deals allowing them to redeem four free sandwiches, one per week.

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The catch is, Arby's Reward members in New York and nationwide will have to make a purchase online or through the company's app to get the additional food for free.

Where Are All The Arby's Restaurants in New York State? 

According to their store locator, Arby's has 66 locations in New York state. Many of these locations are in the Capitol Region, the Southern Tier, and Western New York.

Arby's Hudson Valley locations are in Newburgh, and Yonkers. Arby's also has several locations between New York City and Long Island.

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