I need some help from the gamers here in the Hudson Valley.

I have start out by saying I'm not a huge gamer. I would say I'm casual at best. Computer games always interested me more but PC gaming can get expensive and fast.

I reluctantly bought an Xbox One shortly after they came out. I bought it for one specific game, Fallout 4. I binged on it pretty hard but when it was over I was able to at least use the console for other things like playing DVD's and streaming platforms. Since I purchased the Xbox One in about 2016 there have been several games that I have gotten attached to. I have a decent amount discs. I just recently started purchasing games online.

I may have to find a new device within the next couple of weeks. Microsoft has some new game releases coming out that look absolutely amazing. Dead Space comes out this week and Resident Evil 4's release is just months away and unfortunately none of these games will be made available on the X Box One console initially. Are these consoles getting phased out?

The trouble is since I have so many discs I want to buy a new Xbox  and need the X series since it is the only model that plays discs. Those specific models are near impossible to find. If you have any leads here in the Hudson Valley let me know.


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