As soon as the weather turned nice this year, I was out hitting golf balls. There are two really good driving ranges near me, so I've been going back and forth to try to brush off the winter rust. My long game and my short game is great, but I have no consistency in the middle with any of my irons. I'm certainly not my dad, Terry Walsh, who was a multi-year Dutchess County Golf Amateur winner.

It should be to no surprise that my dad grew up in Orange County, where there is an abundance of awesome golf courses. The landscape of golf in Orange County has changed over the decades, but there is a long legacy on the links. Whether you started teeing off for the year as soon as the snow disappeared or you're just getting back out there, you’ll find your ideal golf course in Orange County, N.Y., whether you’re a champion golfer or it’s your first time picking up a club.

About Orange County Tourism & Film

Orange County Tourism & Film, based in Goshen, N.Y., is the county’s tourism and film production headquarters and a participant in the I LOVE NY program. A comprehensive listing of area attractions, lodging, events and film resources can be found at Additionally, a fun, free, 60-page travel guide is available for digital download at

Amanda Dana, Director of Orange County Tourism & Film says,

“Come to Orange County, N.Y., for a fantastic golfing experience! Whether you’re looking for a world-class championship golf challenge, a good place to start lessons or a family-friendly course for a memorable outing, Orange County, N.Y., has the course for you. Our premier golf courses are designed by masters, feature the latest in technology and amenities and offer challenges for every level – all amid our spectacular Hudson Valley scenery, just an hour from New York City!”

The Best Orange County Golf Courses For Every Skill Level

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

X-Mansion Brought to Life in Westchester County, New York

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

25 Non-Profits to Support in the Hudson Valley

While people benefit from them every single day, non-profit organizations remain one of the many overlooked key parts of communities. Within New York State alone, there are 116,834 non-profit organizations created to benefit the local communities, with over thousands of them being located within the Hudson Valley. With many focusing on multiple different needs of various communities, there are non-profits in the Hudson Valley that advocate for community, change, and growth – all for little to no direct profit. 

Non-profits rely on the support of their local communities to be able to spread their messages and widen their audiences, allowing more people to benefit from their organizations. From creative arts and wildlife explorations to support and donation centers, there are multiple non-profits located in the Hudson Valley that cater towards the needs of their respective communities to help aid in their growth. 

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