Police say an unwanted individual was found in a resident's apartment in Fishkill, NY.

This is a warning to double-check that your doors are locked and to pay attention even when you're entering your own place.

Why were police recently called to The Park Condominiums in Fishkill?

According to police, on March 10th at approximately 3:48am the Town of Fishkill Police responded to a call of an unwanted party in an apartment. The caller mentioned that the subject was possibly armed with a knife during the call as well.

Police say they responded to the residence and encountered a male subject who was intoxicated and uncooperative. According to police, the male refused to leave the residence and fought officers while he tried to regain entry to the apartment.

Officials say the subject continued to violently attempt to prevent officers from transporting him from the hospital.

The subject was transported to Mid-Hudson Regional Medical Center in Poughkeepsie for an evaluation, the investigation is still going on and charges are pending.

According to police, A Town of Fishkill Police Sergeant was injured in the altercation.

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How safe is Fishkill, NY?

Fishkill has been given a B rating when it comes to safety. Surprisingly the town of Poughkeepsie received a higher rating with an A-, Wappinger got a B+ and Llyod also received a higher rating with another B+.

According to officials, these are the safest spots in Fishkill:

  • Brinckerhoff
  • Fishkill West
  • Village Center
  • I 84/ Red Schoolhouse Road

However, people do generally feel pretty safe in Fishkill. Some residents commented and said they feel,

  • "Pretty safe. There are some safety concerns, but generally I feel safe"
  • "Very safe, There are no safety concerns"
  • "The police are very visible and very responsive"

Thank you to the Town of Fishkill Police for keeping our area safe and we'll keep you posted on any updates with this story.

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