Adams Fairacre Farms is such a Godsent for the Hudson Valley. One of the best ways to support local farms and businesses is to visit Adams. Not only does Adams have the best of national brands, but they are the best at offering local products. That's why so much of their food options are so fresh. And it's not like you can get the quality of Adams anywhere else because it is exclusive to the Hudson Valley. Maybe one day we will see it become a national chain, but for now, it is our little secret.

One thing that Adams does very well is the holidays. My family takes advantage of their holiday meal deals. For Thanksgiving, we received large trays of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and stuffing, with gravy on the side. It's reasonably priced, very tasty, and its super convenient whether you are throwing a holiday party or you just want to taste the holiday season daily with some easy meal prep.

Not just that, but Adams carries all the best ingredients for you to make your own holiday meal. And if you need decorations, they have great holiday merchandise to help spruce up your house and prepare for The Big Man to arrive on the 25th. Regardless, they are a great source for all your holiday and day-to-day needs.  

As of this summer, Adams Fairacre Farms opened their 5th location in Middletown, New York. That is a huge accomplishment, and it is already doing so much good for the community. In the 6 months that it has been open, it already has a 4.6 star rating on Google among 160 reviews. That's not too shabby for a store that's only been open for half of a year. That just goes to show you their quality of service.

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