This new spot in New York offers a ton of flavors for chicken lovers.

It's always refreshing and exciting to find out that a new business is opening up in the area. Over the past few years restaurants have had a lot to deal with a lot and sadly a lot of them have been forced to close down for multiple reasons.

However, when a door closes another one opens.

I was recently looking on Facebook and noticed The Greater Mahopac-Carmel Chamber of Commerce posted some cool pictures from the grand opening of a new restaurant in the area.

What new restaurant opened up in the Mahopac area?

The spot is called 92 Chicken Korean Style.

Grand Openings of new locations always looks so cool. Everyone looks so happy, there's usually a big ribbon that everyone cuts and it always looks like one big party is going on. That surely looked like the case at the 92 Chicken Korean Style spot in Mahopac, one of the newest places in Mahopac.

Look at all those happy faces.

I don't eat a ton of meat so chicken is usually my choice when it comes to protein and I think that's becoming more and more popular with people.

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I took a quick look at their menu and they have a TON of flavor choices for their chicken (my mouth is already watering).

Some of the flavor choices are:

  • Sweet Onion
  • Soy Garlic
  • Golden Cheese
  • Curry Sweet Onion
  • Hot BBQ

You can order like the chicken different ways like wings, tenders, drumsticks, a half or a whole. 92 Chicken Korean Style also has some cool sides like french fries, popcorn shrimp, onion rings, dumplings and more.

A lot of people were leaving positive comments on the post which is encouraging. Someone also mentioned how there's a 92 Chicken Korean Style spot in Queens and how it's very delicious. Nice to see that there's one around here now for everyone to enjoy.

Where is 92 Chicken Korean Style located in Mahopac?

The spot is at 728 US-6 right in Mahopac. It's also available on Door Dash, Uber Eats and GrubHub for those who don't feel like heading out.

Good luck to 92 Chicken Korean Style, we wish you a ton of success and a big welcome to the community.

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