Bonnie Raitt was well represented during Sunday night’s (April 30) episode of American Idol.

Idol hopeful Megan Danielle chose to cover Raitt’s “Angel From Montgomery” for her time on stage during Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Night. Before she headed to the stage to offer up her rendition of the 1974 release, Danielle had the opportunity to sit down with Idol alum Adam Lambert, to workshop the performance.

Lambert encouraged Danielle to consider ditching the uptempo version of the song that she first tried out in favor of a more traditional delivery to really tug at people’s emotions. He wanted Danielle to “take it to church” and really give more power and “gravitas” to her already impressive vocals.

It seemed that Danielle took Lambert’s advice and poured her all into Raitt’s song. Singing from behind a standing microphone, she let her emotions wash over her face and often closed her eyes when delivering the solid, deep vocals.

When the song wrapped, judge Luke Bryan was shown embracing his fellow judges and looking absolutely ecstatic about what he had just seen. It took him a few moments to sit down and try to get it together, offering an “I’m a mess” while in the process.

When he got situated, Bryan spoke directly to Danielle.

“I’m so emotional about what you just did because, what you just did will stand up in any room around the world, at the Grammys, any award show I’ve ever been to. That performance will stand up anywhere," he remarked.

Judge Lionel Richie was equally impressed, fully endorsing Bryan’s praise and offering some of his own, calling it a stellar performance. Katy Perry was last to offer feedback, saying she now fully believes in the young singer and is amazed at the metamorphosis she has been going through over the course of the competition.

Sunday's episode of the show also featured live voting. At the end of the night it was announced that Danielle Megan has claimed a spot in the Top 10.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8PM ET on ABC.

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