I bet you have to.

If you have ever got the family together for a game night the odds are you have played the card game UNO at one time or another. If you have, I found a rule about the card game that will forever change the way you play from now on and yes, I've been playing wrong my whole life.

According the Brag website, a woman named LaToya McCaskill Stallings, pointed out on Facebook that if you have ever played a Draw 4 wild card to save the game for yourself, you might have broken an unknown rule.

She explains, “Did y’all know that you can only play the Draw 4 Wild card IF you have NO other cards that can be played??! AND if you suspect that someone has illegally played this card, they have to show you their hand. AND if they in fact played the card illegally they must draw 4, but If not, the person who challenged the play must DRAW 6?”

WOW. Mind blown! That now means that all of my previous last minute draw four wins are null and void! After finding this out I can't wait to drop this UNO bomb on my kids the next time we play.

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