Even though Christmas shows up during Halloween these days I still end up unprepared. This year will be no different. I am aware that their are people who channel their inner Griswald early enough each year that their house is seen from space by Thanksgiving. It is so bright and awesome that every neighbor in a 25 mile radius does a drive by just to see the lights. I am not that person but I aspire to be one.

I don't have anything against Christmas Lights. As a matter of fact I am one of the neighbors driving around looking at all the displays. Which is why it is so frustrating that I am holiday luminationally challenged, if there is such a thing.

Every year I say I'll be ready. Every year I plan ahead, buying lights and deciding where they will go and then the wheels come off the project. It turns cold. I loose my enthusiasm. And suddenly it all seems to daunting. So here is to another year driving around looking at other peoples yards with light envy. And oh, by the way if you aren't in the holiday mood yet this light display should do the trick. Enjoy!

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