If you ask some people, they will say superstition is nothing, to some degree I would agree.

I am a baseball player so I have my routine that needs to be followed and if it doesn't, in my mind bad things happen like bad games, losing, etc.  The other time is on Friday the 13th.

For me personally though, it isn't just a one day thing.  It's the whole weekend.

It started late last night when I was driving home around midnight and I hit a deer, out of nowhere.  No damage but just enough to scare me. Once I checked on the deer, checked the damage to my car and proceeded, it was 12:05am on Friday.

"So that's my Friday the 13th?  OK.  I can handle that".

Then it gets worse.

Friday morning, I drop my toothbrush in the garbage as I'm picking it up to use it.  Then, I'm rear-ended driving to work at 50 mph. No real damage but still a major inconvenience.

Get to work and all of a sudden my voice starts to go and I get really sick out of nowhere.

Driving home after work and there were some traffic issues so I needed to take an alternative route which ended up being really foggy and I ended up off the road a few times.

I was heading to a DJ job and had a bad headache so as I'm trying to open they Tylenol, I hit a bounce and it goes all over the car.

Surely, this has to be it right?  As I get out of the car, my water falls and rolls into the busy road.

So far, that's been all.  It's also only 7:30pm so the night is still young.

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