A golfers golf bag can be a lot like a women's purse, you are going to have the necessities and then some extras. Recently, I raided my husband's golf bag to see what goodies he might have that I could take for my bag

My golf bag has a lot of junk in it much like my purse. It is full of old golf balls I have found in my travels, golf tees that have fallen out of their carry bag, my orange sharpie that I mark my balls with, there is some loose money kicking around and of course a golf glove has seen better days. I carry spare hair ties and a spare hat. I even have one of those little Kleenex courtesy packs.

After going through my husband's bag I realized that even though my bag is filled with all kinds of stuff there is still stuff I don't have including a lot of the items below.

How to Stock a Golf Bag

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