Summer is fun until you get your first case of Poison Ivy. A nasty plant that has other pesky friends and they are all very prevalent in the Hudson Valley. The rain and warm muggy weather we have gotten this summer has added to the growth of local Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac.

Sign poison Ivy
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Even though the plants can be easy to spot they are often mistaken when they are grouped with other plants. Poison Ivy like to grow on the edges of things and loves to climb trees. The first year I had my current home I pulled vines out of a creeping ground cover in the early spring and it turned out they were actually Poison Ivy. Needless to say I gave myself a good case of Poison Ivy that summer.

People also don't realize that you can get it from your pets. The oil of the plants can get on their coat while they are outside and then when you come in contact with the oil say by petting your furry friend you end up with a case of poison ivy. To prevent this try to monitor where you pets goes while they are outside and prevent them going into areas where Poison Ivy maybe growing.

The best sight I have found for solutions to poison ivy and it's friends is at a website called Poison Ivy. I put a button link below.


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