What? Gas under $2.40? Is this the cheapest place to fill up in the area?

I can't confirm that this is the cheapest place to get gasoline in the Hudson Valley but it is certainly the cheapest place I've seen.

Even though the prices have gone down drastically over the years, if you're anything like me you dread filling up your car because it still is just too damn expensive. I'm the kind of weirdo who will drive 5 miles out of the way to a gas station that's about 5 cents cheaper. I know I'm not the only one.

According to Gasbuddy, the average price per gallon in the Hudson Valley is roughly $2.49 for a gallon of mid-grade.

The cheapest I've seen in person is the Sunoco on Noxon Rd. It's $2.35 per gallon. That's a significant difference.

If you're in the area and you need to top off that tank you may want to keep it in mind. Where are some other cheaper stations in the Hudson Valley?

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