This morning we were talking about the grossest things to touch and got on the topic of fast food places. People touch the lids, stirrers and condiments, which is disgusting, but also reminded me of something I read last week regarding a hot button fast food issue.

I read a story on Buzzfeed about a podcast that brought up the topic of using water cups at restaurants as soda cups.

For those that don't know, some places like Panera Bread, give you a smaller cup when you ask for water and don't charge you. However, some criminals will use the water cup and fill it up with soda.

How dare you!?

Maybe when I was young and stupid I did it once or twice, but as an adult I understand that it's pretty much stealing. The article backs up this theory explaining that when you use a free water cup and fill it with soda, you're using CO2 and you're also using product (Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper) that both cost money.

So we're asking you to settle this for us. Is it stealing to use a water cup for soda? Let us know over on Facebook. 

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