The Hudson Valley has some pretty strong words for anyone who does!

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do what we can to try and help a fellow Wolf listener with a problem or issue they are dealing with in their life. We call it "We Gotcha Wednesday" and we need your help to do it each week.

This weeks email comes from a guy who seem s to think his wife is a bit "crazy", here is the email he sent to us....

"The other night my wife and I were relaxing watching a movie, me in sweats, her in pajama pants, when she said to me that she could really go for some ice cream. I agreed I could go for some too. We both sat there staring at each other waiting for the other to offer to run to Stewarts to get it. Neither of us did, so we played a quick round of rock paper scissors. The wife lost and asked me what I wanted. I told her and before she left, she went into the bedroom and came back out in a new outfit. I was like, why did you change? She yelled out, “WE NEVER GO OUT IN PAJAMA PANTS!!!” Really? Why? She said it beyond unacceptable to ever leave the house in pj’s. You guys think she’s crazy?"

First I think crazy is a bit I do think he's got a point. My girlfriend Allison is the same way. She flatly refuses to ever leave the house in pajama pants, she tells me that its just lazy and looks "trashy". Most of the Hudson Valley agreed.

Casey Lynn from Pine Bush texted us that, "I would never go walking around a store in pajama pants but I think it’s acceptable if you’re just making a quick run to a gas station in and out." Kris from Newburgh texted, "Not if you’re over 3!" Elvis out of Montgomery said, "My wife would never leave the house in pajamas."

Bethany from Wallkill texted us, "Never wear PJ's out if going to a store. It's like your to lazy to get dressed. Only exception is after some surgery like Knee or going to physical therapy."

Peggy called us to let us know that pj's in public screams "lazy and NASTY!"

What do you think? Is it ever OK? Also what stores have you seen someone wearing pajama pants? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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