The incident took place back on November 5th.

According to HVNN, a male inmate at the Coxsackie State Prison in Greene County, New York, attacked 7 guards sending two to the hospital.

Authorities told HVNN that a 21 year old inmate was being brought back to his cell by a corrections officer when things got out of hand and the inmate struck the officer in the face.

After being struck the officer tried to get the male under control by putting him in a body hold, but he resisted which caused both men to fall down a flight of stairs.

After the fall, the inmate got free and two more officers chased him back to the housing area of the jail and once the officers got to him, he charged at another officer.

He was eventually detained by multiple officers and put in mechanical restraints. After the restraints were put on the inmate he refused to walk and began fighting with the officers again, kicking and hitting another one of the officers.

Once the incident was under control, seven officers had to be treated for minor injuries and two of them had to be taken to Albany Medical Center.

One officer sustained a fractured hand.

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