Merry Christmas! I hope Santa left everything you wanted under the tree, and that you are snuggled up somewhere warm and safe with the people you love. However you choose to celebrate the holidays, we appreciate spending them with you. Thank you for listening to this fine Christmas Sunday.

This week’s guest is Eric Dalton of Eric Dalton Productions. Eric and I discuss the ever changing face of the live music scene here in the Hudson Valley, along with the difficulties local artists face building a fanbase online.

We invite you to join us, and listen to a previously recorded conversation between Eric and myself here on In Touch.


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I’ve been your host, Conor Walsh. Until next time, stay curious, keep an open mind, and as always, I’m glad we get to Spend Some Time. Cheers to the holiday season.

For more of Eric Dalton, we have one of his latest music videos, "Oblivion."

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