Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is a time to reflect upon the year behind us. It's a time to take inventory on the achievements and blessings that came our way. It's a time to be grateful for all the moments that brought us joy, success, and peace. It's also a time to take accountability for the things that didn't go as planned. Think about the times where we fell and how we were able to pick ourselves back. Maybe some of us are still in the process of getting up off the ground. We think about the people that we started the year with, and the people we may not have ended the year with. The only constant in life is change.

So, as we start 2024, there is a lot to look forward to. This year a blank canvas yet to be painted on. New Year's Resolutions have been made and goals have been set. Each year, we strive to be better than the year before, and to grow upon the good fortune we have already amassed.

Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley Looks Forward to 2024

For the first episode of In Touch of the new year, I wanted to give you the chance to hear from the people who make things run here at our stations, get to know them a little better, share some gratitude for 2023, and see what people are excited about for 2024.

Hear from your favorite radio hosts across 101.5 WPDH, 92.7/96.9 WRRV, 97.3/97.7 The WOLF, and 94.3 Lite-FM, along with members of our sales and administrative teams. People discuss their goals relating to business and what they set out to offer here at Townsquare for the year to come. Folks discuss how they plan to build upon the quality content and performance they offer, and how their roles may look different moving forward.

We also get personal and talk about the things that mean the most to them. We dive deep into some great stories about family, friends, and the exciting plans people have for the new year. Learn about your favorite radio personalities in ways you wouldn't normally get on their shows. It's an honor to talk to everyone on this level, and get to hear the things that make life worth living.

(Mind you, this is not everyone, this is just who I was able to track down in the building as we settle back in after the holidays.)

We invite you to join us and listen to previously recorded conversations between the Townsquare team and myself here on In Touch.


This has been this week’s edition of IN TOUCH, the award-winning public affairs and issues program that runs across Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley radio stations. We want to give a big thank you to our team here at Townsquare! Without them, you wouldn’t be enjoying quality content like this across our variety of stations, websites, and apps!


Thank you for all the kind words shared in regard to In Touch officially being awarded the 2023 New York State Broadcasters Association Award for “Outstanding Public Affairs Program or Series,” as part of the 57th Annual Excellence in Broadcasting Awards. This recognition would not be possible without the incredible team here at Townsquare, all our phenomenal guests that we learn from and grow with every single week, and of course you, the listener! Whether you’ve been listening for a while, or you just found us, thank you for taking part in the conversation and staying In Touch with what’s going on in the Hudson Valley.

Whether you’ve been listening for a while or you have just joined us, thank you! You can find In Touch episodes new and old on your favorite streaming services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and more! That, and listen On Demand with your Townsquare Radio Station Mobile App. Of course, you can still find all articles and audio under the In Touch Tab on this radio station’s app and website. And don’t forget, we are also on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram @intouch_hv.

I’ve been your host, Conor Walsh. Until next time, stay curious, keep an open mind, and as always, I’m glad we get to Spend Some Time.

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