If you missed us on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show this morning, it was time for another apology from CJ. Here is what happened.....

Last Saturday I had my kids for the weekend and we decided to do all kinds of Christmas things. We decorated the tree, built a gingerbread house...


Pretty good job, right?

We also decided to go out and checkout some of the really amazing Christmas light displays that are up all around the Hudson Valley and we wound up at one place that one of our sister stations was doing an event at. I had no idea they were going to be there and we I saw that they were, I told my son Jackson, that when we get up to the main part of the display I want you to say "Hey your station stinks."

He said "no way Dad" and I told him that if he said it I would give him $10. He said give it to me now and I will. So I reached into my pocket and handed him a ten and when we got up to the main part he rolled his window down and said, "Hey my Dad told me to tell you that your station stinks". BOOM! He then donated the $10 to the charity they were collecting money for.

My co-worker, when he heard my son say it, was like "Really?" and then he looked into my window and saw it was me and started laughing. No harm, no foul right? I thought so, until I received this email today.

It said, "All, I have been made aware of a situation that took place over the weekend between two of our employees at a station event. I’m won’t get into details about the altercation but would ask that all of our employees please refrain from saying anything derogatory to or about any of our stations. Thank you and Happy holidays."

I'm assuming that was directed at me, so with that let me say, I'm sorry that I offended anyone and I will keep my "suckyness" away from any other of my great coworkers. Merry Christmas.

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