No matter what the season or the meal I always enjoy a great glass of wine with lunch or dinner. I was so excited to learn that one of my favorite country artists is now in the wine making business. Zac Brown has teamed up with wine maker John Killebrew and is taking the wine world by storm.

In May Z Alexander Brown Uncaged wines received glowing reviews from Wine Express, check out the video below. Everywhere you search the "Z Alexander Brown, Uncaged" label you come up with rave reviews. Zac has blended his grapes with grapes from Northern California and with the help of his wine making team has created amazing wines.

It should come as no surprise that Zac Brown could make a great wine, after all he was the musical artist who developed the term "Eat and Great". He has long treated his fans to his favorite recipes and the band even has their own cookbook. Now Zac can pair his fine wine with his collection of recipes and offer a full menu for every fan to enjoy.

Checkout this video from a 2011 Eat and Greet covered by USA Today.

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