A popular Westchester County brewery is closing its doors after 15 years in business.

On Tuesday, November 22nd, 2023, word began to spread that Peekskill Brewery was closing up shop. While there was no official announcement on the Peekskill Brewery website or social media accounts, a post by one of the owners was shared on Facebook.

Peekskill Brewery Closing After 15 Years in Service

One of the brewery owners, Morgan Berardi, shared a heartfelt post regarding the closing on Facebook. In the statement, Berardi explains that Peekskill Brewery was hit hard during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

She writes:

Over the last 15 years, many societal tragedies have deeply cut us on a personal level. However, none have impacted the business of Peekskill Brewery as much as the COVID-19 pandemic.
The post goes on to say that Peekskill Brewery was a place where Berardi and her family watched their children grow, saw people fall in love, watched as their Biergarten became the hottest spot for the dog community, and saw customers visit PB as a pick-me-up if they were feeling down.
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Berardi asks customers to understand that they have "done everything we could to keep PB operating including incurring debt and restructuring operations (several times to meet customer’s changing preferences and behaviors)."
Sadly, at the end of the day sales at Peekskill Brewery couldn't return to pre-pandemic levels and they can "no longer afford to operate."

Peekskill Brewery Says Goodbye with Keg Tap

Peekskill Brewery will be closing its doors on Wednesday, November 22nd but will be hosting one final event to say goodbye to their customers.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Fans of the brewery can join the Peekskill Brewery team for one last party at their Kick The Keg event. Starting at noon on November 22nd guests can "take advantage of an all-day Happy Hour and discounted merch and crowlers, making it only $10 to take home any of your favorite Peekskill Brewery beers in bulk" according to the PB Facebook page.

Morgan Berardi wrapped up her social media goodbye to Peekskill Brewery and their customers by writing:
We want to again express our deepest gratitude to all in our community for allowing us to serve you and hope that when you remember PB a smile comes to your face.

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