Ode to the Flip Flop. A wonderful summer shoe that some people wear all year long. I must have 15 pairs. I get new pairs every summer but I never seem to throw out the old ones. Like comfy sneakers, flip flops can be broken in to the point that they are your go to shoe at the end of a long day on your feet no matter what the date is on the calendar.

I have been known to shovel snow in flip flops. This is not recommended but can often be a necessity. Whether they are leather, rubber, or some other fabric flip flops can be a foots best friend. I will admit to being a bit lax on the pedicures which are important to good flip flop etiquette. It is also important to note that flip flops on planes are not a great idea. Unless you have "foot model" feet no one wants to sit next to your naked feet, just sayin'.

While researching this blog I discovered that Wikipedia only has one line about the flip flop, I guess because the term "flip flop" is used to describe so many different things. However when searching for the history of the flip flop I was able to come up with a few more facts.

I also discovered that every year on the third Friday in June it's "International Flip Flop Day". It is also believed that flip flops have been foot ware since 4000 BC. Check out the video below for some DIY ideas to decorate your flip flops.