Hyde Park residents, are you hiding something?

It feels like every few weeks we get a Bigfoot sighting or two in the Hudson Valley. Back in February, we spoke to Gayle Beatty of the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley and she shared with us a story about possible Bigfoot tracks in Putnam County and other sightings that had been reported in Dutchess and Ulster Counties.

Over the weekend while I was traveling through the Village of Hyde Park, I saw bright pink and green signage that caught my eye. Not just because of the bright neon colors, but because Bigfoot was spelled out in huge letters.

The handmade signs explain that, I'm assuming, Hyde Park is a "safe haven" for Bigfoot. There were several signs, but I was only able to pull over and catch a few of them.

The signs were created by the "Official New York State Health Department of Sweet Tooth." Seems legit.

You be the judge:


According to these signs, Bigfoot is in "danger girl." This sign gets 10 points for a "Ghost" reference!

A lot of the signs were calling for the community to be alert for Bigfoot who is coming out of hibernation...allegedly. But for the most part, the signs were Pro-Bigfoot and were looking out for its well-being.

If you remember back this summer, there was a pretty intense Bigfoot encounter in Hyde Park while a woman was taking care of yard work in her backwoods.

So what's up Hyde Park? Are you the new Bigfoot capital of New York? Let's make it official! Let us in on the Bigfoot Safe Haven secrets!


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