The Hudson Valley region is rich with so many places that are preserved for nature. We have hiking trails and rail trails along with places up and down our local stream and rivers that have been set aside to allow the areas to stay green and provide a habitat for Hudson Valley wildlife.

Groups like Scenic Hudson, the Mohonk Preserve, and the Open Space Institute along with The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation have been active in protecting tracks of land throughout our region which has resulted in us seeing our natural wildlife thrive. People who live in the Hudson Valley have done their part as well to make sure our forests, fields, and waterways keep their natural ecosystem.

Hudson Valley Wildlife Encounters

Progress has been made over the years. There is still ongoing work that needs to be done to maintain a balance between the population of the Hudson Valley and our wildlife. We often hear about residents and their wildlife neighbors having encounters. Luckily most of the time those moments go by with no harm coming to people or animals. They usually just end up as a great video to share with friends.

Hudson Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation

In this article, I am not going to dive into the do's and don't's of managing wildlife in your yard. I will take that topic up another time. Instead, I want to share with your some of the wildlife we find around the Hudson Valley. The number of animals might actually surprise you. I am sure I have missed a few so feel free to comment on any I should add. One thing I would like to add as a reminder is if you see a wild animal in trouble please contact an animal rehabber or the NYS DEC. They are trained to help distressed animals. Remember they may look like they need help but they are still wildlife.

Hudson Valley Wildlife Photographers

I also want to thank the local photographers who allowed me to share their photos in the article. Social media has many groups dedicated to photographing local wildlife and the Hudson Valley groups have some amazing photographers.

How Many of These Animals Have Been Seen In Your Hudson Valley Yard?

Hudson Valley Wildlife Gallery

The Hudson Valley is full of wildlife. Here are just a few of our furry, slithery, and feather friends that might frequent your backyard. Please reach out and let us know which creature we may have left off the list.

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