Running season in the Hudson Valley is never really over no matter what the season. It seems that people who run like to do it no matter what the weather. That being said the fair weather months do have more running events and spring is right around the corner which means so are some of the Hudson Valley's favorite running adventures.

One of the running events that people who like running the ridge in New Paltz look forward to every year is the Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge 5 Mile Run at the Mohonk Preserve. It is back again this April and will be held virtually which means you can register and then run on your own between April 10th and 18th. The course for the run is through the Preserve but you are welcome to run were you'd like. This event is a fundraiser for the Mohonk Preserve.

This running event is a great reminder that we have so many wonderful trails to explore in the Hudson Valley and you don't necessarily have to run them you can always walk or bike. The Mohonk Preserve offers trails along the Shawangunk Ridge just west of New Paltz and Gardiner.

Another great place to walk is the R2R trail along the Wallkill River in New Paltz. It actually goes from the Wallkill to the Ridge. The Wallkill River Rail Trail is also located near the R2R and that will take you from Gardiner to Kingston. And from the Wallkill River Rail Trail you can pick up part of the Empire State trail the will take you to the Walkway Over the Hudson and from there you can grab trails in Dutchess County.

Over the past decade you can really see how the Hudson Valley has become more accessible by green ways. The old carriage roads and rail trails have new life as walking, running and biking trails. You'll even see an occasional horse.


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