Did you know that the 5 biggest tourist traps in the world are located in America? Thankfully, none of them are in the Hudson Valley...but it did get us thinking.

Top 5 Tourist Traps, All Located in America

Earlier this week, USA Today released their Top 100 Biggest Tourist Traps Worldwide. The top 5, again in the WORLD, are located in the U.S. Those 5 are:

1. Four Corners Monument, Arizona
2. The Salem Witch Museum, Massachusetts
3. The Calico Ghost Town, California
4. Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota
5. The International UFO Museum, New Mexico

Salem, Massachusetts/Canva
Salem, Massachusetts/Canva

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as New York doesn't show up until #17 and Times Square.

But with that being said, we've heard the complaints. The Hudson Valley is becoming a hot destination for tourists from all over the world.

Is The Hudson Valley Considered a Tourist Trap?

Personally, I don't think the Hudson Valley is a tourist trap. . . but it has its moments. I like to think of it glass half full, people visit and it helps our local economy right? I digress. So,  we asked our listeners "What would you consider a Hudson Valley tourist trap?" And we got some interesting responses.

One person wrote: "The entire area is a trap." And 2 more people chimed in commenting "Fact!" and "truth lmao."

Another commenter added "Rhinebeck" with a Rhinebeck local agreeing  and stating "I came here to say this 😂 my poor hometown lol."

Downtown Rhinebeck photos
Don Gehring, Townsquare Media of the Hudson V

A lot of the local Hudson Valley apple orchards got dragged in the comments, and with apple and pumpkin picking season coming up soon, we're bound to see an influx of tourists at our favorite local farms.

Woodbury Commons, Main Street in Beacon, and Legoland all were mentioned as well.

Do you consider the Hudson Valley a tourist trap? Why or why not? We'd love to hear from you!

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