Have you noticed lately that more and more folks are decorating their yards with items that you would typical find in doors. You can't drive through a neighborhood in Newburgh, Wappingers or Kingston without see a yard that has lights, furniture and even sometimes a gazebo all lit up waiting for outdoor fun.

Before COVID many of us had taken up adding some luxury items to the yard in order to create a homier space but now that we have spent the last year a home will we still want to be in our own backyard or a we reedy to travel? For the look of what I saw driving around last night I believe many of us will still be enjoying the backyard this summer.

I have seen some interesting backyards in my day but never have I seen so many that truth be told, look better than my living room.

The Fireplace


Now something that is a must have in the backyard, the fireplace can be a really treat on a summer night. We also have fire rings, fire pits and the occasional chimenea. The back yard isn't complete without some sort of fire to sit around.

The Kitchen

Paver patio with a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven and lighting at dusk.

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect patio accessory. You don't have to go inside for a snack and it makes a great place to enjoy summer meals. Right now my outdoor kitchen consists of a gas grill and a cooler to keep cold things cold, but a girl can dream of an outdoor kitchen like the one in the picture above.

Great Seating Space

Small townhouse perennial summer garden

Some outdoor furniture is actually nicer that the stuff I have in my living room. Don't get me wrong I love a good comfy chair to spend time in outside but some of the furniture people are putting up in their back yards makes me wonder what they will do when it rains. I know one women who covers everything in a tarp if the skies open up. Seems like a lot of work just to have a cloth couch on your front deck.

So were cam you find what you want for outdoor living -

Fortunoff Backyard Store in Poughkeepsie

Bare Furniture in Accord

Big Lots in Poughkeepsie

Namco Pools in Spackenkill

plus Lowes, Home Depot Tractor Supply and your favorite True Value store.

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