New York City is a popular place for immigrants in America. Some make their way north.

We always hear about how America is a diverse melting pot. Data shows that New York is more diverse than most other states. A few cities in the area are among some of the most diverse in the country. Do you think you know what they are?

Most Ethically Diverse Cities in America

Wallet Hub released a list of the most ethnically diverse cities in America. According to their data, at this rate, there won't be a race or ethnic group that holds the majority in The United States by 2045.

How did they find this information? They checked the populations of large, medium and small cities ranging from 100,000 residents and up. Then they gave points based on the ethnic diversity in each of those cities. They also looked at the languages that are commonly spoken. They also pulled data on residents who were documented as being born in America.

Most Diverse Cities in New York State

New York City is the 5th most diverse city on the list overall. New Rochelle, New York surprisingly came in at the 45th most diverse. Mounter Vernon was ranked at 135 on the list. Syracuse was not far behind at 140. Buffalo, New York ranked 151. Schenectady came in at 193.

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There aren't any more cities from New York on the list out of 501. Do you find it odd that Poughkeepsie or Newburgh didn't make the list? A few nearby cities in Connecticut made the list as well.

Here are the rest of Wallet Hub's findings:


Source: WalletHub

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