Chances are if you have social media you have watched a pet video or two. You don't even have to like pets to have seen one, your pet-loving friends will randomly share videos with you.

Pets Videos have led to many pets in America and around the world making money off their online adventures. Some of these pets are raking in thousands of dollars not just for their Instagram posts but also for special appearances they make in commercials and on TV.

Who Are the Top Earning Dogs on Instagram

Pet Lab recently released a list of the top-earning dogs on Instagram. According to what they found these profitable pups could be earning more than $10,000 per sponsored post on their page.

Jiffpom via YouTube Katy Perry
Jiffpom via YouTube Katy Perry

The Top earner is Jiffpom @jiffpom. As you might expect Jiffpom is a pomeranian who you may recognize from a Katy Perry video called Dark Horse, he makes his appearance about 2 and a half minutes into the video.

Other notables are Doug the Pug @itsdougthepug who can earn up to $26,000 per sponsored post,

Tuna the Chiweenie @tunameltsmyheart.

And Maddie @thiswildidea the adopted pup who came in 9th respectfully earning $12,000 per sponsored post.

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All ten top-earning Instagram dogs are fun to follow but I thought it would be fun to find some pet "InFURencers" in the Hudson Valley.

How Do You Get Your Pet to be an Influencer

I don't have an inside track on this but from what I have been able to gather is that you need a pet who wants to share on social media, a lot. I would say it is also important to lean into something that comes naturally to your pet. I am sure that you can also locate a pet agent if you need one to help guide you and your pet through the process.  Just be ready to give them a piece of the pie.

Some of the Hudson Valley's Could Be Pet Influencers

Hudson Valley Pets

Pets can be product spokesanimals in this age of social media. Nationally they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. So we asked Hudson Valley pet parents what their fur baby could endorse. Here are just a few of the many who responded. Good luck to those who want to be an InFURencer

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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